The only reason I wanted to be a graphic designer years ago was to have the ability to design sneakers.

See below my submission for the LaceUp TV Ultimate Sneaker Challenge Suggestion Box Competition by Pensole Academy. I have always wanted to disrupt the adidas Superstar sneakers.

This was designed for Anthony Anderson.


Anthony (Tony) Anderson is from Compton, grew up in an era of NWA, gang violence, crime, drive by shootings but still made the SUPERSTAR status against all odds. He is a successful actor, comedian, writer and game show host, popularly known for his role in ABC sitcom Black-ish. He is influenced by two of the greatest Hip-Hop artists of all time; Tupac Shackur and Biggie who are from East Harlem and Brooklyn, New York respectively. Tupac and Biggie were victims of an intercostal rivalry war that led to their deaths and if only they realized they were from the same city, re-invented themselves, ended their rivalry, united and connected more together to influence the next generation of black kids before their deaths, they could still be alive to gift the world with more inspiring sounds of hope like “Keep ya head up” and “Sky’s the limit” unlike the mumble rap that is out there these days. Anthony’s success story shows hard work, patience, re-invention, perseverance and consistency overtime.

WHAT ANTHONY NEEDS: Anthony is a sneakerhead who wants a custom-made, classy and stylish superstar sneakers he could rock on the streets and the white house at the same time without socks.

INSPIRATION: Re-invention Breathable Modern Classic Legendary

CTNY adidas 1.png
CTNY adidas 3.png
CTNY adidas 4.png
CTNY adidas 5.png
CTNY adidas 6.png
CTNY adidas 7.png
CTNY adidas 8.png
CTNY adidas 9.png
CTNY adidas 10.png
CTNY adidas 11.png
CTNY adidas 12.png
CTNY adidas 13.png
CTNY adidas 17.png
Something for us.

Something for us.

One of my favourite colour combinations

One of my favourite colour combinations