Welcome To My Reflections


For a few weeks now, I have been wondering how to start this blog. Trying to script my story but what essence would that bring? Infusing fiction and other type of writing styles into a real story that should inspire me or you. Whenever I reflect on my past, friends, family, things I did, wrote, designed, people I met, worked with, reasons for why I am who I am, experiences I had which shaped a boy with inferior complex to a man of great confidence, I just want to share perhaps there is one or two persons out there that needs it.

There is nothing to be really ashamed of when it comes to my story, the more I deny myself of these things, the more I am deeply lost in the opinions of others incarcerating me in their world. I enjoy my freedom, it is definitely not for sale but a faction of it could be paid for because it delivers effective result due to hard work based on passion, dedication and selfless service.

I am work in progress, I hustle with a dream in mind, a vision in clear writing at hand, a passion and a great life which I am grateful to God for.

I am lexain.

Welcome to my #Reflections.