There is this discussion going on about the "Pepsi Long throat" campaign and I particularly don't believe that the idea was best expressed compared to the weight of the idea but I get it especially when the client says the agency needs to use their ambassadors in the works( blah! blah!! blah!!!....because they are obviously paid a lot of money).
So, my questions are,
Is the wrong use of caricature the best approach?
Lastly; does the increase in size of the bottle best express the long throat proposition?
I think this gives an opportunity to design a product as shown below.
Option A is to design a bottle with long throat or option B is to design a can that is longer than the normal can which people would kinda love to hold (maybe). I think any of these would spark a better conversation and put the brand in the mind of consumers especially when there is an introduction of BIG COLA which is even 65Cl for same price.