Often times I ask my self if truly I am responsible. Though I do my job, carry out my roles as a husband, father, son, brother, friend and colleague. I do it to the best of my ability but again I thought about my past and how irresponsible I might have been. 

I looked at the word "RESPONSIBILITY" and the first thing I could do was to break the word down as I always did with brand names, copy lines, headers, words of poetry e.t.c to find a deeper meaning before I interpret in picture or in (more) words. 

RESPONSE-ABILITY was what I discovered and it led me to understand the reason I have really been irresponsible. The ability to respond to things determined life as it is, the pace to breakthrough, how far relationships go and how gaps and scars created would heal overtime.

Obviously, men's response-ability differs but successful men seem to have a higher ability to respond swiftly to things either negative or positive around them. 

During my high school days, my daily lunch money was N15 (fifteen Naira) to feed from 8am - 5pm and what that could buy was a N10 (Ten Naira) solo coke (25cl), and five Naira plantain chips in 1996. If I spent the money in the morning at Iya Rotimi's place (her food was awesome), I might have to tax my friends to have something for lunch. Sometimes I just have to survive someway till 5pm to be in the league of guys that could buy solo coke at closing hour to show off to the girls at least. I had to make extra money but what could a 14 year old do legitimately to make extra bucks. I started helping my (unserious) class mates write their notes and also help them with projects that required visuals.  I would stay up all night to write notes, draw, paint or do whatever the task was while my parents never understood the reason I stayed up late. 

Here I am now, and those late nights helped me to have a sense of urgency, meeting up with deadlines and also established a discipline that is still intact till date. As my response-ability was flawless in some areas, it was on a decline in some major areas too. Some people took advantage of it but to the Glory of God, I am grown up and wiser now. The Lord thought me (in my own opinion) how life should be about HIM, family, self, work, friends and other people. He taught me how man should have the ability to respond to everything around him (every stone unturned has to be turned) either by being silent at one hand and doing otherwise on the other. I also understood how wisdom is knowing what to do at a particular point and time if only we acknowledge Him.

So, to be responsible is not only about how you respond to family needs or carry out duties or buy beer for friends just to be in their good books but how we compassionately respond to challenges, problems, people and situations that surrounds us everyday.

Perhaps if our leaders responded to our challenges as they came, Nigeria might not be in the mess it is today.