who am i?

Lexain in Dakar

Olalekan Akinyele FIMC, CMC arpa
Creative Designer/Consultant/T-shirt Enthusiast/Shoemaker.

I use the basics and principles of design to solve problems, so I founded Xaine Ingenius and work as its Creative Director. I am a strong advocate of human centered design as I believe it is the core through which great products, brands and societies are designed.

I am interested in good and functional design, the backend of things, sneaker design, fashion design, sports branding and entertainment.

I have been privileged to build an award winning and well published communication art and design career at Noah's Ark, Etu-Odi, Fuel and Dare Africa. Check out some of my old works here

I am a facilitator at Orange Academy teaching brand design / creative advertising using storytelling and also a volunteer facilitator at Ready Set Work, an initiative of Lagos State Ministry of Education to train 5000 final year students on employability skills and entrepreneurship.

I have two great kids from a wonderful woman.

I am work in progress.

I believe in the one true and amazing God.