who am i?

Lexain in Dakar

I am the first of my kind. A dreamer and a designer, I doodle thoughts and ideas but execute the meaningful ones for a living.

I enjoy observing things, that is where my references are pulled from. I go after objectives that move humans and small entities forward so I started Xaine Ingenius

I am motivated by purpose and any form of scepticism thrown at me.

I am a sneaker head, I love good and functional design, art, sports marketing and entertainment.

I am interested in the backend of things.

I have been privileged to work as an art director in Noah's Ark, lead a creative team in Etu-Odi and Co-lead a creative department at Fuel.

I have two great kids from a wonderful woman who listens to my insane ideas. I am work in progress even though the lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places.

All you have read is not possible without the great "I Am That I Am".

My social handles below can tell you more.

Be Amazing.


  • Behance Portfolio Review Medal - November 2012
  • Published in Luerzer's Archive - Issue 3/2012
  • Published in Luerzer's Archive - Issue 6/2012
  • Published in Luerzer's Archive - Issue 3/2013
  • Published in Luerzer's Archive - Issue 6/2013
  • Published in Luerzer's Archive - Issue 3/2013
  • Gold LAIF Awards 2013 (Paga Radio)
  • Silver LAIF Awards 2014 (Creative Safari - Zebra)
  • Silver LAIF Awards 2014 (Tradestable)
  • Bronze LAIF Awards 2014 (Creative Safari - Wolf)
  • Silver LAIF Awards 2014 (Superbite - Suarez)
  • Silver LAIF Awards 2015 (Havells)
  • Published in 200 Best illustrators - 2016/2017
  • Published in Luerzer's Archive - Issue 4/2016
  • Bronze LAIF Awards 2016 (B&O - Billions)
  • Silver LAIF Awards 2016 (B&O - Boss)
  • Silver LAIF Awards 2016 (Gestid - Relief)
  • Orange Academy IBX Facilitator since 2013